Every single night, the elderly men of Skopelos gather outside The Capi for a drink, a smoke, and some company. The men have grown up together, and many have never left the island. Located directly across from the port, right in the center of town, the cafe is perfectly situated for the men to keep an eye on their town and their people. When I told my landlord about my interest in this portrait series, he invited me down to the Capi with him to meet some of his friends. These portraits are of a few of the men who graciously let me photograph them, even though the only words that they probably understood me say were Parakalò (please) and Efcharistò (thank you). There was loud laughing and Greek shouting, one man insisted on showing me a photograph of his teenage daughters, one called me a doll. I wasn’t able to gather an in-depth interview of each person as I had hoped, due to the group mentality (they all seemed banded together as one driving force) and due to the language barrier, but I think I was still able to catch a glimpse of each of their personalities. Each oil painting is 18″ x 24.”

Christos, my landlord in Skopelos
I could never quite figure out what his eyes were trying to say
He had an unmistakable glimmer in his eyes
Stelios, with the sweetest eyes


The inside of the Capi is lined with old photographs of Skopelos ancestry, and feels a lot like walking into your grandparents’ house, faded curtains and  musty smell included. Yet, nonetheless, the atmosphere was inviting, warm, and welcoming.




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